Parenting Manifesto: Tips for Parents of Teens

My parenting manifesto is the overall idea of how one needs to approach the idea of parenting. When two people or even when one person decides to have a kid, if through adoption or naturally, I believe they are making a covenant an nonviolent covenant with God that says, I will be this kid's parent forever until I am no longer needed. When I use to work with street kids, I use to think that when a kid came up to me it was like God tapped me on the shoulder and said you are my designated hitter and you have that role until you have done all you can do and I find somebody else to play that role.

Well, with parenting, there is nobody else, you are it and you are it for the duration. Now, there are times when the parenting like the things that your kids need might be a little bit more than you can actually provide. At those time, it is quiet alright to find out sources and outside people to assist. There might be times if your kid really messes up, that they grow up to some sort of detention facility or rehab facility or hopefully at time, your kid is going to go off to school or be in a job or something like that. Even at those times when your role as a parent isn't really needed as much as it was earlier in their life, you are still the parent and when you are called upon being a parent, you still have that obligation between you and God and your kid to fulfill that role.


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