Ideals Versus Reality: Tips for Parenting Teens

I find that when I am working with parents that sometimes their kids, especially their older teens, start doing things that they either don't like or can't approve or religiously doesn't work for them. Whether they find out that their kids are gay or their kids want to go into a profession that they don't particularly care for or whatever it is. With this idea that you have, this covenant that keeps you being the parent no matter what. That means no matter what, they are still your kids, they still need your assistance and as they get to be older teens and into twenties, what you think doesn't really matter too much after a while. So, you need to be the best parent that you could be to continue to guide them as best as you can. But at the same time, know that as they get older they are going to have start making some of their own choices. Your role is their coach and their parent is still there when called apart.


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